About the Program

Dual Language Immersion is a form of education where students are taught literacy and content in two languages.  It prepares our students for 21st-century learning, as well as college and career opportunities that will lead to success in a global economy. We have highly qualified bi-literate teachers to ensure success in the program.

Who May Attend? Any incoming kindergarten student may apply to be a part of this program of choice. Each class will be filled with students who are native Spanish speakers and those who are native English speakers. 

Where is it Located? The Dual Language Immersion program is offered at Madison Elementary and Pershing Elementary.


The Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program uses core curriculum taught in both Spanish and English. The teacher never uses both languages at the same time. Teachers are highly trained in delivering lessons that are understood by all students, regardless of home language. Hands-on experiences help students learn the language and content in a supportive environment

  • California Academic Standards are taught in all subjects area
  • Teachers receive continuous professional development to enhance the delivery of instruction that promotes high levels of academic language and literacy.


Master Plan

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